Testing is integral to creating Wisdom's World Class Friction. We begin by testing the raw materials of every batch to insure they meet our exacting specifications.

Once approved materials have been submitted for production, a pre-production run of every friction batch (up to 44 batches per day) is tested for specific gravity, Gogan hardness, swell, and transverse rupture strength. These vital tests assure our team that both raw materials and the press-and-cure process are within tolerance.

Throughout the remainder of the production process, our friction is subjected to a series of tests that include critical measurement, concetricity tolerance, SAEJ661 Chase testing, and sonic vibration  evaluation.

But our product is not complete until independent North American testing laboratories certify that Wisdom World Class Frictions pass FMVSS121 safety standards.

Testing is more than measurements at Wisdom. Testing is how we keep our promise to our customers.

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