Long before the first piece of friction is ever produced, quality standards have been used to select vendors, sample materials, test polymerization rates, and finally certify materials are ready for production.

WISDOM uses only proprietary dry-mix formulations, to produce high-torque, low-noise heavy duty friction.
High-volume manufacturers use wet-mix formulations to pour their ingredients into large moulds. These ingredients are mixed with high levels of resins that can lead to excessive noise and inconsistent braking performance that increase stop distance as much as 50%! From there every block is pressed and cured in precision controlled processes.

This high-pressure, dry formulation Positive Molding process means we stabilize the mold compression and maintain better friction density than flash molding processes.
It also reduces “post curing” where frictions made with high-resin contents squeal as the resin bleeds to the surface during use.
Positive Molding means longer life, higher torque and quieter braking.

Computer guided drills, ensure perfect alignment and depth of the drill cavity and counterbore for accurate repeatability whether it is the first piece or the one millionth piece.

Diamond-edged grinders apply the final finish to the inner and outer radius of the block to ensure perfect concentricity and maximize friction contact.

Finally, it's off to edge grinding and edge coding.  

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